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Poultry world webinar: Nutrition & Health


Poultry World will host a webinar on the topic Nutrition & Health and invites you to register for this free webinar now! Register for our webinar and you will be automatically reminded when we go live, on the 16th of October at 14.00 hours central European time. We have organized a line up of 3 renowned speakers to give insights into the interactions between feeding broilers and their immune status. Dutch veterinarian and owner of a private feed research facility Gerwin Bouwhuis will share his experiences on gut health, Associate Professor of the Agricultural University in Athens, Kostas Mountzouris, will shed light on how nutritional interventions can modulate gene expression of key pathway components in the gut to increase the bird’s cytoprotective capacity to respond more robustly to challenge stressors and Ellen Damen, R&D Manager at FRAmelco, will highlight how to improve broiler carcass quality with glycerides of butyric acid. This webinar is brought to you in cooperation with our partners Anco and FRAmelco.

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"Activating poultry cellular fitness to counteract stressors"
By Kostas Mountzouris (MSc, PhD).
Associate Professor of Animal Nutritional Biotechnology at the Agricultural University of Athens

He holds a BSc in animal nutrition, from AUA and has obtained his MSc & Ph.D in food and agricultural biotechnology from the University of Reading in UK. His main research interests include the study of various bioactive substances and probiotics for their effects on critical indices of gut function and health that affect animal performance, production sustainability and product quality. Kostas has been collaborating with academic and industrial partners in developing and tailoring bioactive feed additive applications in animal nutrition. He has authored and co-authored several conference abstracts, book chapters and research papers.

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"The effect of probiotics on broiler performance"
Gerwin Bouwhuis, DVM,
Poultry veterinarian at Poultry Health Centre Emmen 

Gerwin Bouwhuis graduated as a veterinarian from the Utrecht University in 1997. Gerwin became a partner in an mixed-practise and specialized in poultry health. Since 2011 Gerwin owns a poultry practice and an experimental poultry facility in Emmen in the Netherlands. Gerwin is experienced in improving the general health status on broiler farms and the research in his experimental facility focusses on  broiler nutrition and intestinal health.

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"Improve broiler carcass quality with glycerides of butyric acid"
By Ms. Ellen Damen (MSc.),
R&D Manager at FRAmelco B.V.

Ms. Ellen Damen is born in The Netherlands and as a daughter of dairy farmer she is well acquainted with the livestock industry. She received her BSc in Biology from Utrecht University (NL) and her MSc in Animal Sciences with specialization in animal health & physiology from Wageningen University & Research(WUR). Ms. Damen’ Master thesis was performed in the field of immunology and she performed her internship at the GD Animal Health Sciences (Dutch: De Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren)
Since then, Ms. Damen is R&D Manager at FRAmelco B.V, for almost 5 years now. At FRAmelco she is responsible for trial protocols, product development and technical support.



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