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Webinar Pathogens & Preventions

Poultry World features a highly interesting webinar focused on the theme of ‘Pathogens & Preventions’, with contributions from our partners Perstorp and Chr. Hansen. The webinar will go live at 8 October 15.00 h CET. Join us by clicking the button below. Registration is totally free and the webinar can be rewatched later as well on this webpage.


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Pathogens and Prevention A Veterinary View

Dr. Peter Wijnen, Veterinary Poultry Specialist at PPDA Consultancy


Burak Ruperez

Safe and effective ways to mitigate the risks of pathogens
Burak S. Ruperez, Technical Sales Manager EMEA at Perstorp

  • The importance of organic acids on pathogen mitigation, starting from feed hygiene and preservation to farm level measures.
Jean Christophe Bodin

The power of good bacteria against E. Coli , Salmonella, Clostridia and more
Jean-Christophe Bodin, Sr. Product Manager at Chr. Hansen

  • Which intestinal pathogens are detrimental to microbiome agility and why ?
  • How Bacillus based probiotics can prevent pathogenic challenges:
  1. What is the role of biofilm formation in the intestine
  2. Immune modulation effect of Bacillus
  3. E. Coli, Salmonella and Clostridia- which weapons Bacillus uses against them.
  • What are the birds telling us? - What is the effect we can expect in commercial conditions?

Chr Hansen

Fabian Brockotter



Webinar host
Fabian Brockötter, host and editor Poultry World

Poultry World

The webinar will take place on October 8, at 3pm Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 10am
  • London, UK: 2pm
  • Moscow, Russia: 4pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 8pm
  • Beijing, China: 9pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 10pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 11pm




Chr Hansen