Webinar: Sustainability & Welfare

Poultry World invites you to pre-register for a new webinar on Sustainability & Welfare in poultry production. The webinar will be aired live on Thursday 2nd of July at 15.00 hours Central European time. Register for free by clicking the button below. Both sustainability and welfare are hot topics in the poultry industry. At the same time they are multi explanatory and often used in a broad context. The 3 high level speakers of this Poultry World webinar will shed their light on the subject and zoom in on the core on how sustainability and welfare can go hand in hand in production. Poultry World is proud to introduce respected TEDx speaker Leon Marchal. He is working for DuPont's Nutrition & Biosciences business, where he and his team are working on new solutions for sustainable antibiotic-free animal production. Second speaker is Anna Karwacinska, she has an extensive track record in the industry and is currently a Global Product Manager for Poultry, working for Chr. Hansen. Last but not least Laura Star will present. She is senior researcher Poultry Nutrtition at Schothorst Feed Research and Professor Precision feeding and sustainable poultry farming at Aeres University of Applied Sciences. You don’t want to miss these speakers!

The webinar will be hosted by Poultry World Editor in Chief, Fabian Brockotter.

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Leon Marchal

Dr. Leon Marchal, Innovations Leader DuPont Animal Nutrition

Presentation: "Cost neutral strategies to improve sustainability and welfare".

A practical approach to improve sustainability and welfare. Learn how feed additives can help you:

  • Implement inorganic phosphate free diets
  • Reduce phosphate and nitrogen
  • Reduce foot pad lesions and mortality
  • Improve gut health without antibiotics 
Anna Karwacińska

Anna Karwacińska, Sr. Product Manager Poultry at Chr. Hansen

Presentation: "The power of good bacteria contributes to a better world- Through the eyes of a leading company in sustainability".

  • What is the place of animal welfare within sustainability?
  • How sustainability and welfare lead to higher value poultry products
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, antibiotic treatments, footpad lesions, better feed efficiency, less waste in slaughterhouses: the contribution of probiotics for poultry sustainability goals
  • How the power of good bacteria helps to solve these problems and ultimately contributes to a better world.
chr hansen
Laura Star

Dr. Laura Star, senior researcher Poultry Nutrtition at Schothorst Feed Research

Presentation: "Future Poultry Feed – focus on protein source and level".

  • Alternative protein sources
    • SBM free diets
    • Insects
  • Protein reduction
    • Low protein diets
    • Amino acids
  • Production performance and welfare
fabian brockotter
Fabian Brockotter, host and editor Poultry World poultry world

The webinar will take place on Thursday July 2, at 3pm Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 10am
  • London, UK: 2pm
  • Moscow, Russia: 4pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 8pm
  • Beijing, China: 9pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 10pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 11pm


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